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  • i0am0a0daytrader said,

    watch my channel for more video’s about daytrading and reviews from brokers

  • CrazyBl0gger said,

    This actually depends on probability characteristics of the scalping. If the statistics predicts a good profit, then why not?

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  • CrazyBl0gger said,

    I disagree. Devotion and even practice is nothing without a good theory.

  • ILuvTrading said,

    It is possible through your broker because forex is not centralized. On the other hand, its much more difficult to manipulate then the stock market through legit brokers because the forex market has on average 3 trillion dollars traded per day. It bigger then all the US and commodity exchanges in the US! Check out my channel- im a forex/futures broker!

  • airplaneking said,

    What MA’s are those?

  • MasterBlasterSteele said,

    To have success trading on everyday basis is like being able to get any woman you want to sleep with you after the first meeting because it all comes down to PRACTICE AND DEVOTION. You might scratch off some here and there cause you pulled the right triggers at the right time by accident without really knowing what stood behind your short-lived success

  • MikeTysonEatsKids said,

    cant forex be manipulated?

  • purplepatchforex said,

    Scalping is great, I think it’s the only way to make decent money from a smallish amount of capital, I never leave a trade on longer than a minute, why have your money in the market when it’s not doing anything?

  • 3333Smoke3333 said,

    you’r right man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SergeyIvaschenkov said,

    Yes, you can explore all trade figures, but it’s not right! We need to develop understanding and intuition - is the most effective tools!

  • XENAXON said,

    yes, by my definition.

  • 5210to444 said,

    scalping by YOUR definition means 5-min trades. there is no standard definition on the timelimit for a scalp xenaxon. otherwise much of what you say is true

  • Yaguex said,

    30, 50 and 100 SMA

  • cooldog60 said,

    What are the values of the ma’s you are using?

  • mallieya said,

    huh..i wud like to join forex but do not know how to play it..;( some1 wants frm me RM1000 to teach me about forex frm A to z…should i pay?

  • AndrewELgordo said,

    make someone regular money whith forex ???? or not ….

  • 4xleader1 said,

    I dont get it. if you are not a scalper, why post a scalping video. You are also basing a trade on fibonacci levels. I see where I would of gotten in on this trade.

  • ForexTradingTV said,

    brokers will always make the most money…………

  • apenor said,

    Dude, too much excuses! What’s up?

  • andyngai88 said,

    because the broker can take a chunk outta ur earning if you’re not careful and there goes the last 12 hour of concentration with ur screens wasted

  • gutrp said,

    thanks for the website for beginners like me man!

  • XENAXON said,

    I’ve asked that question myself some time before.

    The answer is, I can’t have a broker get rich off my back. I don’t hate, I worked too much emotionally to be that weak.

    People have the tendency to throw away money so easily when there’s abundance. But I’ve spent 2 years, working for my initial tradeing capital. As a child I was poor, I had no privileges different from everyone else. I understand money.

    And my emotions are no longer a jagged rock, but a fine pearl.

  • itsumonihon said,

    who cares if the brokers get rich if you’re making money too. why do you hate the broker so much? if scalping makes money then do it.

  • DynotoeTube said,

    First of all it’s easy to see when strategies work but when they don’t. I would suggest getting good historical data like from these guys ForexTickData and do some testing. Historical back tests don’t lie.

    Cheers - Dyno

  • coreyk123 said,

    First of all its a failed double bottom. If price only touches a trend line twice it’s considered weak.

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